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Inspector Freelance in Turkey: Semih BULGUR is a Freelance inspector in Turkey – Istanbul.


{Contact: +90 539 462 52 49 Mail:[email protected]}

“l am your EAR and EYE for Higher Quality Requirments!”


Producing of natural gas API line pipes or any other industrial products does not mean finishing when you welded and coated then have buried them to the underground. Your pipes must stand against higher presure and ambient of heavy corrosion. And also your products must survive 40 – 50 years or more that’s why testing, standards, specifications, ITP, procedures and hiring freelance inspector is so much important.
Inspector thinking deeply about specification!
Inspector thinking deeply about specification!

What is the Freelance Inspector?

Small hole on your corrosion coating without protection and just only a micro crack inside the weld bead can ruin or destroy your Billion Dolars Project maybe hunderds of lifes. Due to the this concerns to be freelance inspector is very important, critical and serious job like selling, manufacturing, QC/QA and planning maybe more.

Don’t Forget!

Remember, Challenger spacecraft disaster caused by refusing of small sealing test results! Whereas, inspector engineer had warned the management before rocket launching about the temperature drop down under the design temperature of fuel tanks sealings but nobody has cared this concern!

Adherence to standards, specifications, concentration, empaty and proactive approching are the keys for the successful completion of huge project and 3rd party inspection activities as a Freelance Inspector! 

Freelance Inspector at work
Freelance Inspector doing inspection!


He has got more than fifteen (15) years of experience as a Surveillance Inspector. His scopes; API pipes’ production, pipe line, CCPP welding inspection, onshore drill team Q1, steel construction, pressured vessels, coating inspector SSPC Level 2, 3 Layer PE, FBE Coating, Epoxy Coating. Trained to Level 2 in MPT, UT, RT and VT. Experience as an API chief Inspector for ELPASO Co. 500 Km. Rocky mountain express natural gas pipe line. BTC API crude oil project pipe manufacturing quality responsible. TANAP ( Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipe Line Project) Lead Inspector. Exxon Mobil Constanta onshore drill team inspector. Steel, stainless steel constructions, tanks, silos, welding inspection. Expedition of ongoing projects.

Recent activities as a Freelance Inspector

QatarGas North Field Expansion Onshore Project, (Company inspector) for PSL 1 Grade B pipes up TO 120″ diameter, coated with Phenolic Epoxy. Turk Stream Project Coating Lead inspector at Samsun port for sub-sea pipes’ final on shore coating inspection (2019-2020)

Freelance Inspector Turkey (Semih BULGUR) Contact me!

{Contact: +90 539 462 52 49 Mail:[email protected]}

Many kinds of steel structure and welded products and pipes’ welding & coating inspection. Performing various inspection activities on site and at vendor facilities during manufacture, fabrication, installation, packing, loading. coating. Verification of vendor compliance to purchase orders and specifications tanks, SS silos, pipes, piping, steel constructions.

Pressure Vessels Assignments:

ASME Sec.9 Pressure Vessels Code and PED (2009/105/EC) qualification for welder or welding operations, welding performance qualifications. Check and approval for WPS and witnessing for PQR tests. ASME Sec. 5 Nondestructive Examination, review and witnessing for tests for pressure vessel. In-Service inspection, pressure test witnessing for tanks according to API 510.

Cemsan – Kocaeli CARGILL AGRICOLA S.A – 10-15 m3 Steam tanks, Asme Sec.9 & Sec 5 Visual & Dimensional, Ndt witness and review of reports and also production fit-up controls. Pressure tests witnessing.2014. Wps review and approval, Witnessing for PQR tests
Oschatz Kocaeli (Project: Kansanshi Xstrata Zambia) for BASF, Boiler, Super Heater 1-2-3, Economizer ASME Stamp S, Asme Sec. 9, Sec 5, visual and dimensional controls and hydrotest witnessing 2013.
WORTHINGTON Industries-Arıtaş – Kocaeli for SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A | 470 m3 Vertical LIN Tank, SA 240 /M ASME SEC II A Ed 2010 2011 Add. Longitudinal joint GTAW for 2 shell plates (Ø4125x2000x11mm) Draw. No. XXXX Detail B Fit-Up controls. Body part material SA 240 TP 304 heat no. Verifying lamination UT by witnessing. ASME WPS-049, ASME PQR 39 Fit-up inspection of bevel angle, root, gap controls after tag weldings carried out,WPS,PQR,WPQ,WOPQ are reviewed, witnessed.

Abount my Backround and Qualifications as a freelance inspector;

Stainless steel welding inspection
Stainless steel welding inspection


REPUBLIC OF TURKEY- Kocaeli (Izmit) / Istanbul-Turkey

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In my office. Kocaeli (Izmit) / Istanbul-Turkey
In my office. Kocaeli (Izmit) / Istanbul-Turkey


Metallurgy and Material Engineering, BSc Sakarya University (1999) – Turkey


English (Comprehensive Speaking, Reading and Writing)

Italian (Conversational)


Welding Inspector

X-Ray view of T Joint welding!

NDT Level 2, Welding   Defects,  Metallographic Examination of weld, Welding Parameters, Mechanical Tests of  Welded Samples, Messe-DUSSELDORF  Pipe/Wire Fair , OHSAS 18001 And ISO 14001 Trainings ISO 9001: 2000 version introduction seminar , Eddy Current Test, ISO-TS 16949, Magnetic Particle Test   Level – 2 , Radiographic Test Level – 2 , Coating Inspector SSPC  Level 2 , Metallograph, Ultrasonic Test   Level – 2, Visual Inspection Level – 2, Industrial Oils and Applications, Simple Production, HSE trainings.

PT aplication for Stainless steel!


Water, gas, petroleum API pipes, Valves, Plant, Pressured Vessels, Welded constructions, piping, steel products, Drilling tools, SS silos, steel constructions. NDT and measurement devices.

Coating DFT Measurement!



Dolly tensile test on the pipe according to AWWA C 210.


Middle East Technical University Welding Technology and Non Destructive Inspection Centre.

Beautiful Stainless welding

Inspector mühendis ne yapar?


2005 to Present, Inspector.

SemihBulgur Consulting Co.

QatarGas North Field Expansion Onshore Project, (Company inspector) for PSL 1 Grade B pipes up 120″ diameter, coated with Phenolic Epoxy. (2020)

Turk Stream Project, Coating Lead inspector at Samsun port for sub-sea pipes’ final on shore coating inspection (2019)

GCX Project for Kinder Morgan at Borusan Mannessmann Mill Lead Inspector (May – December 2018)

TANAP (Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipe Line Project) Lead Inspector. June 2014 – August 2017

Manual UT Calibration!

Chief Inspector;

Williams Transcontinental Gas Pipe line Co. Leidy SE Project – (Jan-April 2014) –  Chief Inspector

For Kinder MORGAN NEUP Project (Feb-May 2013)- Chief Inspector API 5L Pipe-mill and coating manufacturing by Borusan Mannessmann

OMV Samsun-Turkiye, CCPP Natural gas combine cycle power plant  erection. Welding inspector, walk down, line test inspector.(May-Sep. 2012)

With Pipe mill inspection team TANAP

EXXON Mobil Romania Drill team onshore- Site inspector, monitoring  Smith service inspection activities, inspection of drill pipes, casings, fising tools, drill parts etc. (Jan-March 2012)

EL-PASO TGP natural gas pipe line Project (May 2011- June 2012) – Chief Inspector

In Salah Gas Southern Fields Development Project (Jan. 2011- March 2012) – Lead Inspector

API pipe line manufacturing EL-PASO TGP Project (March – Oct. 2009)- Chief Inspector

Various Inspections;

Colorization on the stainless steel welding surface!
Colorization of stainless steel weld

Various steel structure and welded products and pipes’,coating inspection. Performing various inspection activities on site and at vendor facilities during manufacture, fabrication, installation, packing, loading. Verification of vendor compliance to purchase orders and specifications tanks, SS silos, pipes, piping, steel constructions.

Beauty of Stainless Piping!

What does inspector engineer do?

Engineering Experiences;

Sinter Metal. Inc.Co.

2007 to 2007

Project Consultant

  • The Project named “ Improving produce technology of tool and mold steel by using advenced powder metalurgy method” is supported by TUBITAK .

Noksel Steel Pipe Inc. Co.

2002 to 2006

Final check for Oven Doors!

Quality Assurance Engineer : 2005 – 2006

  • NOKSEL Steel Pipe Inc. Co. is one of the outstanding steel pipe manufacturers of Turkey.

This company has been manufacturing spirally submerged arc welded steel pipe and longitudinally welded (HFI) steel tubes and profiles. Noksel has ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 (OHSAS 18001) and API 5L, AWWA, DIN, BS, ASTM, TSE, ASME, EN product standards.

Galvanazing control!
  • Quality assurance engineer in longitudinally welded (HFI) steel tubes an profiles factory which was established in 1999 in NOKSEL Hendek plants.
  • Responsibility: Controlling pipe and profiles and carrying out quality assurance system and carrying out eddy current inspection system.
  • Preparing noncomformity, scrap, second quality pipe and mill test documents and using SAP Quality Modules , elsystem X-R Chart module.
Flange welding visual control!

Production Engineer : 2004 – 2005.

  • Production Engineer in longitudinally welded (HFI) steel tubes an profiles factory which was established in 1999 in NOKSEL Hendek plants.
  • Responsibility :Preparing production, scrap, consumption, stock and stop time reports, controlling and supporting pipe machines.
  • In edition l took part and work in MES (Manufacturing Executive System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Plan) which were under construction.
Breaking of API X-70 welded material sample during tensile test.

Quality Assurance and Control Engineer : 2002 – 2004

  • NOKSEL in BAKU – TBILISI – CEYHAN crude oil pipeline that is the biggest project in this century.
  • Responsibility: Preparing welding specification and qualification documents (WPS, PQR , MPQT) and to carry out mechanical tests and  NDT (Non Destructive Tests).
Beauty of SS Welding

What does freelance inspector do?

He is one of the most important part of world wide energy, transportation, building, construction projects. What he doesn’t do and what is inspector engineer? In fact he does everyting! He takes the most critical decision for the huge projects by knowledge and experience and know-how. What does an inspector engineer do?  He approves and signs the billions of dollars projects to produce, provide energy or transport energy without trouble with safely for many years. Inspector works to bring energy to the service of people with higher quality levels and long lifetime accordance with related specifications, ITP, standards and procedures.

Freelance Inspector (Semih BULGUR) {Contact: +90 539 462 52 49 Mail:[email protected]}

Only a minor discontinuity inside the weld bead can stop your Million Dolars Project maybe can cost Thousand of lifes. That’s why to be Inspector is very critical and serious job like to be soldier, police, doctor and lawyer.

Some important tasks of inspector engineer,

WPS (Welding Process Specification)

PQR (Welding Method Approval)

WQT (Welder Qualification Test)

Tests, Control of NDT and sectoral applications, implementation and control of Engineering Services.

Tracking, control and inspection of quality plans and documents as well as painting, blasting controls and surface roughness measurements. Providing inspection service for dimensional measurement controls as well as project suitability controls.

Copper Brazing visual control!

What does an inspector do?

Project based work,

As project based, proceed and supervision of both NDT Quality Control and Engineering and all Periodic Control Services, with partner companies approved by accreditation companies such as TURKAK.

Visual inspection inside the Pipe.

In destructive tests, VQC (Vocational Qualification Certificate) Certification of competent expert firms and companies providing auxiliary services. Also in rail systems; Control follow-up and audit of firms that provide stress and tension receiving services on rails.

Quality Control,

100% guaranteed heat and water insulation systems Polyurea, Polyurethane, Epoxy control. Controls in the areas of sliding based insulation. On basic interior and / or exterior surfaces, such as pool, roof, terrace, ship etc. Control of dynamic static construction calculations in many fields.

Control of proper assembly of refractory materials with expert and experienced teams. In addition; Supervision of personnel competence in personnel recruitment on welding / assembly / manufacturing with QA-QC.

What is inspector engineer?

Who is the monitoring, witnesing, reviewing, controlling of pipe mill & pipe line documentation and site applications and welding and coating tests etc. In another area; Heat treatment – Stress Relieving, Control and supervision in team and equipment supply for paint-blasting operations.

Inside the Pipe!

Freelance inspector,

Providing FREELANCE Inspecor service with (All NDT methods, IIWP-B / SSPC … Level2) certificates and providing audit services in the ongoing projects, manufacturing and processes with expert staff.

PMI for Stainless steel by XRF Device!

To keep yourself open to new technology and standard revisions by participating in conferences, seminars or current practices in the various poject.

Oil free compressor inspection!
Oil free compressor inspection!

These are among the duties that a good Inspector must follow up, execute and develop.

Some technical informations for Api line pipe production,

Freelance Inspector in Turkey!
SubSea Pipes Final Coating visual inspection on shore!

For the natural gas pipe line and to produce line pipes, the most important and popular standard specification is API. What is the API standard and API psl 1 and psl 2 pipes? This article is based on API Spec 5L, 46th Edition. to prepare of this document. The API technical committee maintained the concept of two basic levels of standard technical requirements for line pipe expressed as two product specification and quality levels (PSL 1 and PSL 2).

After Charpy toughness test fracture surface!

How do PSL 1 and PSL 2 Pipes work?

Level PSL 1 provides a standard quality level for line pipe. Level PSL 2 has additional mandatory requirements for higher quality for chemical composition, notch toughness and strength properties and additional NDT. Requirements that apply to only PSL 1 or to only PSL 2 are so designated. Requirements that are not designated to a specific PSL designation apply to both PSL 1 and PSL 2 pipe.

The API technical committee also recognized that the petroleum and natural gas industry often specifies additional requirements for particular applications.

Inspector in Turkey! SAW macro view!
Inspector in Turkey! SAW macro view!

For other specific requierment.

In order to accommodate such needs, optional additional requirements for special applications are available, as follows: ⎯ PSL 2 pipe ordered with a qualified manufacturing procedure (Annex B), the requirements of which have been enhanced to include verification detail of critical processes in the production of feedstock material.

Inspector controlling corrosion!
Inspector controlling corrosion!

line pipe manufacture and product testing and inspection; API pipes demanded with resistance to ductile fracture propagation in gas pipelines (Annex G); PipeS for sour service (Annex H); ⎯ Ordered as “Through the Flowline” (TFL) pipe (An. I); ⎯ PSL 2 pipes required for offshore service (Annex J);

Inspector testing
API 5L Bending test!

Different types of line pipes,

Some specific API pipes.The following new annex is added to this Standard. – Equations for threaded and coupled pipe and background equations for guided bend and CVN test (Annex P). The requirements of the annex apply only when specified on the purchase order. When pipe is ordered for dual or multiple applications, the requirements of more than one annex for special applications can be invoked.

Inspector Mechanical Test
After tensile test!

If the Technical conflict arises between purchaser and vendor!

In such instances, if a technical conflict arises due to applying the requirements of more than one annex for special applications, the most stringent requirement applicable to the intended service shall apply.

Inspector UT test
Automatic UT Calibration signals!

This Standard does not provide guidance on when it is necessary to specify the above supplementary requirements. Instead, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to specify, based upon the intended use and design requirements, which, if any, of the supplementary requirements apply for a particular purchase order.

l love to be inspector for higher quality requirments and sharing experience of years!

And also l am ready for your inspection assignments!


May 14, 2021.